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Easy Pikelets

When Master B turned 14 in 2014 he started showing an interest in learning to cook.  So I have been teaching him some simple recipes and he is now able to produce a couple of tasty dishes. I think being able to cook, along with a variety of other household tasks - such as washing and… Continue reading Easy Pikelets

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Easy Quiche Recipe

One of my mission's for this year has been to reduce the amount of money I spend on food each week.  My pantry cupboard is quite full and dis-organised at the moment, although it doesn't seem to be that long since I gave it a good clean out.  So over the next couple of weeks,… Continue reading Easy Quiche Recipe

Cooking from the Cupboard, Recipes

Cooking from the Cupboard – Banana Bread

So far my Pantry Cupboard Cleanout has been a success.  With the cupboard sorted out and everything put away neatly it has already made a difference being able to see clearly what is in there.  I was also able to make a shopping list of essentials that I was missing.  I have done the grocery shopping… Continue reading Cooking from the Cupboard – Banana Bread