How to Make Over and Old Set of Drawers
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How to Make Over an Old Set of Drawers

With all the renovations to our house almost complete, there were a couple of pieces of furniture that were looking pretty tired against the new paintwork and carpet. The two worst pieces were most definitely our bedside tables which I have to confess are probably over 30 years old. I really didn't have any spare… Continue reading How to Make Over an Old Set of Drawers

Welcome 2017
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Welcome 2017

Welcome 2017 - I can't believe you're here already! I started writing this blog at the beginning of 2015 as a way to share some of the thoughts that often clutter my head. I found the process very cathartic in many ways as I shared some personal experiences from my childhood, stories about my Dad… Continue reading Welcome 2017

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Why I Moved the Ironing Board Upstairs!

I have a small confession to make - I'm an 'ironer'.  My Mum was an 'ironer' and I've no doubt that her mother was too.  I've tried to kick the habit several times, but I always seem to end up in a job where I'm required to wear a uniform that has to be ironed.… Continue reading Why I Moved the Ironing Board Upstairs!