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PARENTS – Where Are Your Teens?

A few Friday nights ago, in a suburb of the Gold Coast there was going to be a party. It was all organised. 140 plus people were invited. The invitations were sent out in a private group on Facebook. The invitees were in the age range of 14-16. It was advertised as being BYO alcohol… Continue reading PARENTS – Where Are Your Teens?

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A Proud Mum

  Miss M turned 16 this week.  I can't help wondering if she will ever fully understand how much we love her or how proud we are of her until she has children of her own.  Then I hope, she will look back on her childhood years and know that she was loved and cherished… Continue reading A Proud Mum

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Why I Threw Out My School Reports

I graduated high school in 1983!  Even though Maths was not my strong suit I can tell you that was over 31 years ago.  So why, up until last year, was I still carting around my school reports?  Yep, I had every single one from Year 2 (when I officially started school), through to Year… Continue reading Why I Threw Out My School Reports

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From Tots to Teens

I think I can safely say that every parent at some stage complains about their kids.  When they are babies we complain about how little they sleep and how we can't wait until they sleep through the night.  Then they grow into toddlers and we have to deal with toilet training, tantrums and we just… Continue reading From Tots to Teens