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Easy Pikelets

When Master B turned 14 in 2014 he started showing an interest in learning to cook.  So I have been teaching him some simple recipes and he is now able to produce a couple of tasty dishes. I think being able to cook, along with a variety of other household tasks - such as washing and… Continue reading Easy Pikelets

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Dad – You Were Loved

My darling Dad would have been 95 today.  He passed away in the middle of 2006, a year after we moved to the Gold Coast.  In fact the last time I saw him was on his 85th birthday just before we moved here. My Dad was a gentleman through and through and all though he… Continue reading Dad – You Were Loved

Alzheimers Disease
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Alzheimer’s Disease – The Long Kiss Goodbye

***NOTE***   Information contained in this post about Alzheimer's Disease was obtained from Alzheimer's Australia.  If you know someone who may be suffering from Dementia or you are caring for someone who is and you need help, please contact the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ My mother has Alzheimer's Disease - often… Continue reading Alzheimer’s Disease – The Long Kiss Goodbye

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From Tots to Teens

I think I can safely say that every parent at some stage complains about their kids.  When they are babies we complain about how little they sleep and how we can't wait until they sleep through the night.  Then they grow into toddlers and we have to deal with toilet training, tantrums and we just… Continue reading From Tots to Teens