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5 Facts About Me

I thought I would introduce myself a little better by sharing with you 5 Facts About Me.  I think these are the things that have helped shape the person I am now. 1.       I spent 14 years in Law Enforcement in N.S.W. From about the age of 9 I never wanted to… Continue reading 5 Facts About Me

Why I Write
About Me

Why I Write

  I often get asked Why I Write.  My usual response is 'Oh it's just a bit of a hobby.' But recently I have been thinking, is it a hobby or is it more than that? And why do I write about such personal stuff. I think the best answer I can give is that… Continue reading Why I Write

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Anzac Day 2015

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them." Lest We Forget My Dad served in the Australian Army during World War II. Despite not talking much about… Continue reading Anzac Day 2015

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Dad – You Were Loved

My darling Dad would have been 95 today.  He passed away in the middle of 2006, a year after we moved to the Gold Coast.  In fact the last time I saw him was on his 85th birthday just before we moved here. My Dad was a gentleman through and through and all though he… Continue reading Dad – You Were Loved

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Perceptions and Misconceptions

How often do you hear something about someone and instantly form an opinion about that person? Sometimes it just can't be helped.  Our thoughts and ideas are often products of our up-bringing or things we have learned from the media or friends. I know I have done it myself at different times and more often… Continue reading Perceptions and Misconceptions

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Why I Threw Out My School Reports

I graduated high school in 1983!  Even though Maths was not my strong suit I can tell you that was over 31 years ago.  So why, up until last year, was I still carting around my school reports?  Yep, I had every single one from Year 2 (when I officially started school), through to Year… Continue reading Why I Threw Out My School Reports

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What I Wear

I think there are lots of people who would agree with me when I say that as a society in general we are totally obsessed with beauty, image and looks.  We are bombarded by a constant stream of advertising telling us what clothes we should wear, how our hair should look and how much make-up… Continue reading What I Wear

Alzheimers Disease
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Alzheimer’s Disease – The Long Kiss Goodbye

***NOTE***   Information contained in this post about Alzheimer's Disease was obtained from Alzheimer's Australia.  If you know someone who may be suffering from Dementia or you are caring for someone who is and you need help, please contact the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ My mother has Alzheimer's Disease - often… Continue reading Alzheimer’s Disease – The Long Kiss Goodbye

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An Unconventional Childhood.

By all accounts I didn't really have a conventional up-bringing.  For starters I was a late arrival - an afterthought. My Mum was almost 39 when I was born and my Dad was 46.  I also had a sister who was 18 (and thought it was disgusting that Mum and Dad were still 'doing it'… Continue reading An Unconventional Childhood.