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The Briny Cafe by Susan Duncan

I have had a couple of Susan Duncan's books on my 'To Read' list for awhile but hadn't been able to track them down at my local library. So whilst browsing through a book exchange recently I spotted The Briny Cafe and grabbed it. I'm so pleased I did as it certainly didn't disappoint. I… Continue reading The Briny Cafe by Susan Duncan

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5 Facts About Me

I thought I would introduce myself a little better by sharing with you 5 Facts About Me.  I think these are the things that have helped shape the person I am now. 1.       I spent 14 years in Law Enforcement in N.S.W. From about the age of 9 I never wanted to… Continue reading 5 Facts About Me

Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah
Book Reviews

Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah

My first book review for this year is Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah. It is also book number one for my 2017 Goodreads Reading Challenge. I love the Goodreads page and app! It's how I keep up with all the books I've read or want to read. Each year they have a reading challenge where… Continue reading Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah

Welcome 2017
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Welcome 2017

Welcome 2017 - I can't believe you're here already! I started writing this blog at the beginning of 2015 as a way to share some of the thoughts that often clutter my head. I found the process very cathartic in many ways as I shared some personal experiences from my childhood, stories about my Dad… Continue reading Welcome 2017

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REVIEW – Jimmy Barnes Flesh and Wood Tour

I have been a fan of Australian music legend Jimmy Barnes since his early years in Cold Chisel. Their music was raw and gritty and always appealed to me.  I was lucky enough to see the original Cold Chisel line up (before the passing of drummer Steve Prestwich) in concert a couple of times. When Cold Chisel called… Continue reading REVIEW – Jimmy Barnes Flesh and Wood Tour

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Houses and Roundabouts

You may have noticed that I have been somewhat absent from Melba Says over the last 3 months and let me tell you that a large chunk of those last 3 months have been more than a little trying.  Thankfully, life seems to have settled again for us now but here is a quick recap… Continue reading Houses and Roundabouts

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PARENTS – Where Are Your Teens?

A few Friday nights ago, in a suburb of the Gold Coast there was going to be a party. It was all organised. 140 plus people were invited. The invitations were sent out in a private group on Facebook. The invitees were in the age range of 14-16. It was advertised as being BYO alcohol… Continue reading PARENTS – Where Are Your Teens?

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Life Moves

If you have read some of my previous blog posts you would know that Mr B and I have some big plans for our 'life after kids'. We are planning on travelling around Australia in a caravan for several years. {You can read more about that Here} We know that this will be a big change… Continue reading Life Moves