How to Make Over and Old Set of Drawers
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How to Make Over an Old Set of Drawers

With all the renovations to our house almost complete, there were a couple of pieces of furniture that were looking pretty tired against the new paintwork and carpet. The two worst pieces were most definitely our bedside tables which I have to confess are probably over 30 years old.

I really didn’t have any spare money to be buying new ones so I decided give the old ones a make over instead.


Luckily I already had some paint that I had bought as a possible colour for our feature wall. I had decided it was to dark for the wall but thought it would be perfect for my cupboards, especially if I painted the drawer fronts white.

I also wanted to replace the old timber knobs and after looking for new knobs at Bunnings and almost dying of fright from the prices I jumped on eBay. Straight away I found small crystal knobs that cost me $12.00 for six. Bargain!

How to Make Over an Old Set of Drawers
Our old bed side drawers were looking very tired before I gave them a make over.


The first thing I did was remove the old drawer handles. I then checked the cupboards over to make sure there were no nails or staples sticking out of them.


As they had previously been coated in clear gloss, I needed to give them a really good sand. A small hand held electric sander was the perfect tool for this job. If the electric sander has missed any spots go over the surface by hand with some fine sandpaper.

Always make sure that sanded surfaces are free of dust before you start painting by wiping them over with a dry cloth.


I then applied two coats of paint to the sides. As the grey that I was using on the sides was a matte finish I used a very small roller. The drawer fronts were gloss white so I used a small brush as I think this gives a better finish.


Once the paint was dry it was time to fit the new handles and get them back into our room.


I was so happy with the end result. Best of all it cost me very little money because I already had most of the supplies that I needed. Pretty much anything can be revamped with a coat of paint and for minimal cost and effort. It just takes a little bit of time and patience to achieve awesome results.

How to Make Over and Old Set of Drawers
I was so happy with how these old drawers turned out.




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