A Place to Remember by Jenn J McLeod
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A Place to Remember by Jenn J McLeod

I love Australian authors. In fact, these days it is very rare for me to read a book not written by an Australian. I love that so often the places that feature in the book are places that I’ve been in our travels. So I was very excited to win a copy of Jenn J McLeod’s new book A Place to Remember.

Jenn is a relatively new writer and so far I have read three of her books, so I was looking forward to reading this one very much.


A Place to Remember by Jenn J McLeodA man loses five years of his life. Two women are desperate for him to remember.

Running away for the second time in her life, twenty-seven-year old Ava believes the cook’s job at a country B&B is perfect, until she meets the owner’s son, John Tate. At twenty, the fifth generation grazier is a beguiling blend of both man, boy and a terrible flirt. With their connection immediate and intense, they begin a clandestine affair right under the noses of John’s formidable parents.

Thirty years later, Ava returns to Candlebark Creek with her daughter, Nina, who is determined to meet her mother’s lost love for herself. While struggling to find her own place in the world, Nina discovers an urban myth about a love-struck man, a forgotten engagement ring, and a dinner reservation back in the eighties. Now she must decide if revealing the truth will hurt more than it heals…….


Imagine meeting the love of your life and then loosing him for 30 years due to circumstances beyond your control. This is what happens to Ava Marchette but she never forgets her first love, even though she goes on to have a successful career and children of her own.

Following a health scare of her own, she reads an article about her lost love and discovers that he has lost more than her. Namely his memories of his early years. She goes looking for him and comes across his formidable ex-wife.

At the same time, her adult daughter is looking for answers about her mother’s early life, which she refuses to talk about. So she follows her mothers trail back to Candlebark Creek. Throw into the mix the mystery of a missing pearl ring and you have all the ingredients of a real page turner.

I loved this book. And as the Australian Women’s Weekly was quoted as saying on the back cover ‘A captivating read…..I cannot wait for McLeod’s next novel‘ I couldn’t have put it better myself!


I can also highly recommend these novels by Jenn as well.



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