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Iron Less – Live More

I confessed in this post that I am an ironer from way back but this year I am going to endeavour to spend less time ironing and more time doing other more exciting things!

South East Queensland and in particular the Gold Coast has been deluged with heavy rain over the past few weeks and the washing pile has been mounting and my dining room has frequently looked like a ‘Chinese laundry’ as I try to get clothes dry without using the dryer.


Luckily the last three days have been fine and very hot so I have been able to get a bit caught up on the washing but that also means that I will now have an ironing pile to deal with again.

So here are a couple of tips to help you reduce your ironing pile too!

* Reduce the spin speed on your washing machine so as clothes don’t come out wrapped around each other.

* Always give clothes a good shake before you hang them on the line.

* Hang things that do crease easily on a coat hanger to dry.

* Try and place your pegs in an inconspicuous spot like under the arms.

* Fold everything as you are pulling it off the line.

Folding your clothes as you get them off the line will save you ironing them.
Folding your clothes as you get them off the line will save you ironing them.


* If you have to use your dryer pull everything out while it is still warm and fold it before it can go wrinkly.

* Before you buy a new item of clothing do the scrunch test – scrunch it up in your hand and if it wrinkles a lot forget it.

Now that you have some extra time on your hands from not having to iron so much, go and pour yourself a glass of wine and read a book for awhile!

Love Me


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