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5 Facts About Me

I thought I would introduce myself a little better by sharing with you 5 Facts About Me.  I think these are the things that have helped shape the person I am now.

1.       I spent 14 years in Law Enforcement in N.S.W. From about the age of 9 I never wanted to do anything else.  I’m not sure where I got the idea from – I grew up on a farm and had no family or friends who were Police Officers.  I can remember writing down the registration numbers of cars parked at a neighbours shearing shed when I was little and when someone asked me what I was doing I replied, “I’m a Detective.”

Police Shirt


2.      I am a bookworm.  Hardly a day goes by where I don’t read something.  As a child it was my escape from a not so perfect world. I prefer Australian authors who write about the Aussie bush – Judy Nunn, Tamara McKinley, Rachael Johns and Di Morrissey spring to mind. Occasionally I will read a crime novel, but as I have experienced the real thing I don’t need to read it in the form of fiction.


3.    We moved to the Gold Coast from Central West NSW on a whim.  We were holidaying here and discovered that we could afford to buy a house here and 6 months later we moved.  We have never regretted the decision even though it means we are 1100 kilometres away from our family.

4.     I love travelling, camping and caravanning.  Until recently we owned a fabulous camper trailer which we had so many great adventures in.  We are now preparing to do the  ‘The Big Lap’ of Australia starting in 2018.  I write about our travel adventures at All Around Oz. I have only travelled out of Australia once.  When I was 17 I went to New Zealand for 2 weeks with my parents.  It was awesome and I’d love to go back, but there is so much of Australia that I want to see first.

This is our camper trailer - the best thing we have ever bought.
This was our camper trailer – the best thing we have ever bought.
This will be our new travelling home come 2018.










5.     B is my soul-mate. We were friends for a long while before we started dating and I’m not sure what triggered the change from friendship to romance but whatever it was we have been together ever since.  Over 20 years in fact. We get on so well and rarely fight and he has always supported me 100% in every thing I do.

Our Wedding Day
Our Wedding Day

Love Me


3 thoughts on “5 Facts About Me”

  1. You’ve inspired me to go back and write a 5 things post about myself, it’s very rare we summarise them all together!

    I wanted to be in the police service myself, then dated a policeman and decided I couldn’t do it. At the time I was studying a Bachelor of Science aiming to major in forensics. I just realised I couldn’t leave the job at the door, and would take it all too personally. Props to you and all those that take the challenge on, and thank you on behalf of the country.


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