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Our Kitchen Renovation

In July, 2015 we made the decision to move into a house we owned that had previously been a rental property. The idea behind this was to do some renovations so as we might get a better price for it when we sell it in the future.

Built in 1995, it has decent sized living areas. The rear looks out over a nature reserve and most afternoons we get a cool breeze blow through. The master bedroom has an en suite and is a good size. The only drawback would be that the other bedrooms are on the smaller size although they both have queen beds in them.  There is also a small office which could also be used as a nursery or toy room.

The least redeeming feature of the whole house was the kitchen. It was poorly designed and dated. The appliances were old, dirty and not in great working order. In fact we pulled the range hood out before we moved in as it was caked in oily residue.

Kitchen Renovation
The kitchen as it was.

So we quickly made the decision to put in a new kitchen. Initially we thought that we would be able to do it ourselves as Mr B is a pretty handy bloke. But when we started looking into it we decided it was to big a job for us. I happened to be in Masters (now closed sadly) one day and discovered they had a Kitchen Designer in store. I quickly lined him up to come and do a design and quote for us. Of course he came up with an idea to have an island bench which we would never have thought of.

Next we had to pick colours. I wanted something that was functional and had a more modern edge to it. So it wasn’t hard to pick white cupboards, a light grey granite look bench top and a dark red splash back to add a bit of colour.

We were able to sign up to an interest free deal to pay for it and also timed it nicely to receive $1500 worth of gift cards which came in handy down the track.

Mr B and Master B decided to do the demolition themselves as this would save us about a $1000. This went very smoothly until they pulled the last lot of cupboards out and discovered some fairly substantial water damage in the plasterboard. A few phone calls later and we secured a plasterer to come and replace the plasterboard the next day.

Kitchen Renovation
What was behind the old appliances and cupboards wasn’t good but new plasterboard tidied it right up.

As the install began, I realised that I had not chosen the right sort of range hood. I had picked one out that had a glass surround on it and it was to big for the space. It just looked wrong. So at the eleventh hour I changed my mind and ordered a flush mounted range hood. This also changed the cupboard configuration but I’m so pleased I did as it looks fantastic.

The only other hiccup we had was with our bench tops which were cut and installed by a different company (not Masters) As the bench where the sink is has an odd angle in it, they cut it incorrectly so it didn’t line up properly with the island bench top.

It took a little bit of arguing but I had the original plan which showed that their measurements were wrong. It took about three weeks for it to be re-cut but they got it right the second time at no extra cost to us.

Kitchen Renovation
Our brand new kitchen

All up we spent just on $20,000 but feel that we have added about $30,000 in value to the house as it now has a modern and functional kitchen. We still have the floors to go and some more painting but our renovation is well on track.

I really do love my new kitchen and the layout means that more than one person can be in there at a time which is a bonus for a busy family like ours.

Have you ever renovated a kitchen? Did it go smoothly for you?

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