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PARENTS – Where Are Your Teens?

A few Friday nights ago, in a suburb of the Gold Coast there was going to be a party.

It was all organised.

140 plus people were invited.

The invitations were sent out in a private group on Facebook.

The invitees were in the age range of 14-16.

It was advertised as being BYO alcohol and drugs.

I guess you are probably wondering where this party was going to be held?

Was it going to be at someone’s house with responsible adult supervision?

Was it going to be held in a local park?

No….it was going to be held in a vacant house that did not belong to ANYONE who was attending the party.

This house was vacant pending it’s sale – just a few short days away.

One of the ‘alledged’ party organiser’s knew this house was vacant.

How did they know this you ask?

They knew this because they had previously resided in this house with their family as tenants.

I did mention that this person is in the age range of 14 to 16 didn’t I?

I cannot for the life of me work out the thought processes this child went through to arrive at the conclusion that this was a good idea?

I can not even begin to imagine what may have occurred had the home owners not been notified that this was happening.

We’ve all seen the stories in the media about what happens when big parties get out of control.

Police attending to out of control teen parties is becoming all to common place.
Police attending to out of control teen parties is becoming all to common place.

The Police hardly wanted to know about the situation so it was up to the home owner and a group of neighbours to turn away the would-be party goers.

The absolutely foul language and abuse that these people copped is beyond belief.

There were parents turning up to drop off their kids at this party who had no idea what type of party it was.

One mother turned up to collect her daughter who had phoned to say that everyone had left her and she wanted to come home. This woman had no idea where her daughter was.

Surely, as parents it is our duty to know where our children are at all times?

Surely we have not become this complacent as a society that we would just drop kids off at a party that we knew nothing about. My kids might think I’m overly-cautious, but after this experience I think they can see why.  They are in the 14-16 age range and could not believe what had happened.

So to all the parents out there who are raising teens how about you step up to the plate and check where your kids are and where they are going and who they are going with.  And how about the drugs and alcohol?  Someone must be getting it for them, giving it to them or giving them the money for it?

Everyone complains about the behaviour of the current generation but no body seems to be prepared to take a stand and put a stop to it.  Our kids have rules and boundaries and know full well the consequences if they do the wrong thing.

By now you may have guessed that the house I speak of was our house.  I think we had a lucky escape due only to one mother’s honesty and integrity.

If you think it doesn’t happen I’m here to tell you it does….in another Gold Coast suburb just a few short days after this incident a wild teen party resulted in a house being trashed.  You can read that story HERE.


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