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50 and Fabulous!

Today I turned 50.  I have been on this Earth for half a century, which makes me sound a lot older than when you just say ‘I’m 50.’

I have no issue with turning 50.  I am very happy with where I am in life and I feel as though I have achieved a lot in my first 50 years.  From humble beginnings as the youngest daughter of farmers, the formative years of my life were not always easy (You can read about my Unconventional Childhood HERE) but I still managed to achieve what I wanted to.  From the age of about 9 I never wanted to do anything else other than join the Police Force and this I did at 19, spending 14 years as an officer, before leaving to have my babies.

Despite a very short lived marriage just before my 30th birthday I was able to pick myself back up and find and eventually marry my soul mate. We will celebrate 20 years of togetherness next year and I can honestly say that we rarely fight and still have the ability to make each other laugh.

I feel blessed to have this man in my life.
I feel blessed to have this man in my life.

I have two of the most awesome kids who I am so proud of.  They are both smart, funny and kind.  I’m sure they don’t know how much I love them, but every time I look at them my heart swells a little bit more. I am grateful that we have not as yet encountered some of the angst that other parents experience when raising teenagers.

I am comfortable in my skin and no longer look in the mirror and wish for things that I don’t have, like bigger boobs or a flat tummy.  I have some grey hairs and more than a few wrinkles but they are just the road map of our life journey.

Along the way I have lost family and friends – some it was their time others were taken tragically and way to young.  But life goes on and we learn to heal and remember the good rather than the bad.

This sums how I view life perfectly. {IMAGE CREDIT UNKNOWN}
This sums how I view life perfectly. {IMAGE CREDIT UNKNOWN}

I have an amazing bunch of friends – some have been almost lifelong friends, whilst others have been found in more recent years.  Some I see almost every week, others I may not see for years, but they are such special friends that when we do catch up, the intervening years just fall away.

Mr B and I have some exciting plans for working and travelling around Australia when the kids finish school in the next couple of years.  We only had a short time together as a couple before the kids came along so we are looking forward to it just being the two of us for awhile.

I have also made a conscious decision to leave behind some very negative influences in my life and I don’t for one second regret that decision.  We all have baggage in our lives but at some point we have to realise that it is weighing us down and just let it go!

We may not have a lot of money or the most up to date furniture in our home, but it is a home and it is filled with love and plenty of laughter, which is what life is all about. Life is good.

How old are you and are you comfortable with where you are in life?  I know I am.

Love Me



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