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Outdoor Area Clean Up

I must confess I have never been much of a gardener.  I just don’t have a green thumb and many of my efforts over the years have failed dismally or not ended up looking the way I thought they would.  When we first moved to Queensland the garden was a mess so we pulled pretty much everything out and started again planting easy to grow and maintain things like Lilly Pilly’s and Murraya’s.  At least I knew those plants would grow for me!

Now that we live in a townhouse we have no real garden to worry about, apart from a small courtyard at the front.  No thought was given to what plants were put into this garden when the property was built and as a consequence we have two of the ugliest palm-like trees in the front yard that are way to big for the area.

This would have to be the ugliest tree I have ever seen!
This would have to be the ugliest tree I have ever seen!

The fronds have a very sharp serrated edge on them and as the top grows the bottom’s die off and look dried out and horrible.  Around the edges are some lovely Lilly-Pilly’s but again they are to big for the area they are in.  There are also some Liriope’s and something that I think is similar to a gardenia. They certainly smells divine when they flower.

None of this I can change as we are currently renting, but I still have the responsibility of maintaining it.  I also don’t want to spend any money on it.  So today, I got out into the sunshine and fresh air and started to give it a good tidy up.

The courtyard area also has a concrete patio section where we have a small table and chairs. These were covered in dust and cobwebs. This area also houses the two air conditioning units for our house. I would love to be able to screen these off as they are ugly to look at. I also have a few pot plants in this area that I haven’t killed yet!

This was what I did to make the area look more presentable:-

  • Washed down the tables and chairs, getting rid of the built up dust and cobwebs.
  • Shifted a couple of pot plants around, pruning off dead leaves and stalks and giving them all a good water.
  • Washed down the front windows and gauze screens as they were very dusty.
  • Swept cobwebs away from above windows.
  • Hosed and swept paths and concrete areas (we have tank water)
  • Raked up dead weeds that we had sprayed a couple of weeks ago and sprayed new weed appearances.
  • Pruned back a couple of the smaller trees so they don’t grow to big.
  • Cut back and dragged out of two of our trees a horrible creeping vine that had made its way over from next doors yard.  It has totally engulfed all of the trees in their front yard and I don’t want it to do the same in ours.

By the time I had done all this I had run out of room in our rubbish bin and as we don’t have a green waste bin the rest will have to wait until next week.

When it's clean our patio area is lovely.
When it’s clean our patio area is lovely.

But at least I have made a start and I had a lovely, clean and relaxing spot to sit this afternoon with my book and a cup of coffee. The rest of the garden will just have to be a work in progress.

Love Me


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