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Right from the startYou were a thiefYouMiss M turned 16 this week.  I can’t help wondering if she will ever fully understand how much we love her or how proud we are of her until she has children of her own.  Then I hope, she will look back on her childhood years and know that she was loved and cherished beyond measure.

Following several years of treatment for endometriosis, it was always going to be a waiting game to see if I could actually fall pregnant.  I had been told several times that it would be difficult.  But as it turned out, I fell quite easily and knew very quickly that I was pregnant.  I felt the first twinges of morning sickness when I was no more than 2 weeks along.  By the 6 week mark the toilet bowel was my new BFF!

Fortunately this passed after about 26 weeks and Miss M arrived via an emergency C-section a healthy 8lb 20z.  She was a little bit overdue and had managed to get wrapped up in her cord so she was a bit red and wrinkly but I fell instantly in love.  I still remember Mr B leaning over my bed in recovery and saying, ‘Hey Mum, you’ve got a little girl’ (I had a general anesthetic by choice)

Right from the start Miss M captivated everyone with her cheeky personality.  She was never really a shy child (still isn’t) and was happy to go to her Nan and Pop, aunts and uncles for cuddles.  She walked early, at 9 months, and there was no holding her back after that.  As a baby she loved playing in the kitchen cupboards – pulling out the saucepans and plastic bowls was a favourite game.

Her baby brother arrived when she was 20 months old and even at that young age the delight on her face when she first saw him was evident.  They are still very close now, even though they sometimes fight as siblings do.

Starting school shortly before her 5th birthday showed that she had a keen mind and she was quick to learn.  She loved to read and in fact could recite a favourite book off by heart when she was 3.

She has continued to do well at school and now at the age of 16 she is focused on completing her high school education with a career in the Defence Forces just one of the things on her list.

She continues to make wise choices when it comes to the temptation of parties, alcohol and drug use and I am so grateful for that.  We are lucky that we have a close and loving relationship and that she knows that she can talk to me about anything and ask both of us anything.  Life for our teens now is so different to my life as a teen that I cannot help but sometimes be shocked by what she says other teens are doing, but I’m glad she shares these things with me.

Miss M is 16 and we couldn't be prouder!
Miss M is 16 and we couldn’t be prouder!

She has a small, but close circle of friends and gets on well with many others in her peer group.

She is serious and responsible.  She is fun and funny.  She is a girly girl and a tom boy all rolled into one.  She can fix ‘stuff’ in the shed with her Dad and get her hands dirty and then paint her nails, put on a dress and go out for dinner.  She is lazy around the house but works so hard at school and her part time job.

As she moves rapidly towards the time when she becomes independent of us I am making the most of every minute I get to spend with her – even those where she is behind the steering wheel of our car and I am in the passenger seat!

Love Me



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