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From Chaos to Clean!

Ummmm….excuse me – would the person or persons who dropped a bomb in my house this week, please step forward!

For the last 4 weeks I have been working full time.  It has been a bit of a shock as I normally only work between 18 and 25 hours a week.  Some days have been quite long – starting at 7am and finishing at 5.30pm.  For over half of that time Mr B has been away at work as well, so I haven’t had the back up that he normally provides.

So now my house looks something like this………………

The house is a huge mess especially following Master B's return from camp.
The house is a huge mess especially following Master B’s return from camp.

You will notice that the ironing board has made a guest appearance from upstairs, where it has been living for the last couple of months – it was just to hot upstairs on the weekend to even think about doing the ironing there. (Want to know why the ironing board was upstairs? Read Why I Moved the Ironing Board Upstairs)

I had half of Wednesday off so I managed to get a heap of washing done, but didn’t get any of it folded up or put away.  Mr B came home late Wednesday night from his week ‘on’. He almost always does his own washing but it needs to be ironed and repacked into his work bag as he goes again on Sunday night.

Master B was away from Wednesday to Friday on a kayaking camp for school and has brought home a lovely bag of wet and dirty clothes!  Miss M has worked two nights this week as well as having quite a heavy workload at school. So to say life has been a bit hectic here the last couple of weeks is an understatement!

I set myself the task of getting the dining room and kitchen cleaned up in one morning, but it didn’t happen that way.  Most of it was done by Saturday afternoon and I finished off today by vacuuming and mopping the tiles in the kitchen and dining room.  The washing machine has run pretty much non-stop all weekend.  There is a load in it now and one more to do.

So now my house looks like this again – I wonder how long it will last?

After a massive effort over the weekend my house is clean and tidy again!
After a massive effort over the weekend my house is clean and tidy again!


Despite being very busy all weekend cleaning I did have some time out to celebrate Miss M’s 16th birthday with dinner in Surfers Paradise.  Still a favourite spot of ours for a night out.  How was your weekend?

Love Me


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