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Perceptions and Misconceptions

How often do you hear something about someone and instantly form an opinion about that person? Sometimes it just can’t be helped.  Our thoughts and ideas are often products of our up-bringing or things we have learned from the media or friends. I know I have done it myself at different times and more often than not I have been wrong.

If you have read 5 Facts About Me, you will know that I spent 14 years in Law Enforcement in NSW.  I was often wary about telling people what I did for a living because I was worried about how they would perceive me or that they would have a negative opinion of me because of what I did for a job. It took me awhile to realise that some people would see it as a positive and some would see it as a negative.  Those that saw it as a negative I was happy to walk away from.

Prior to moving to Queensland, I was the co-ordinator of an aged care service.  This to me, was a job that everyone could view in a positive light and I rarely, if ever received any criticism for doing that job.  It was seen by most people as a job that helped the community, which of course it was.

However after moving to Queensland, I decided I wanted to try something a bit different so I worked at Movie World for two and half years as a ride attendant.  It was a surprisingly demanding job, especially during the busy holiday times.  One day I was working at the ‘unload’ area of a water ride, where I was required to dry the seats of each empty boat as it came past.  A gentleman came in, I presume to wait for his family. He watched me drying the boat seats for awhile and then said, ‘Wow this must be a really rewarding job, mopping out boats all day’  To say I was furious was an understatement  – I so wanted to tell him that he did not know the first thing about me, my back ground or why I worked there in the first place. The tone of voice that he used, suggested that the job I was doing was way beneath him and also of no importance to him.

I worked at Movie World on the Gold Coast for almost three years.
I worked at Movie World on the Gold Coast for almost three years.

These days, I work in a supermarket, on a checkout.  I have worked there for 4 and half years, and although it has it’s moments, I do love my job.  I love it because 9 times out of 10 I just come in and do my hours and then go home again.  People may surmise that you don’t need to have a brain to work in one but you do.  I handle thousands of dollars on a daily basis.  I serve customers from a variety of backgrounds and I must be able to smile and chat to them all – even the rude ones.  I am expected to have a good general knowledge of all the products we sell and be able to advise people on different products.  I also have to be a ‘technician’ and fix registers when they are not working properly.  I am also trained as a supervisor which means that I can open and close the store, count drawers, do refunds, train junior staff etc.  Sometimes when it’s busy it can be a bit of a juggling act so being organised helps a lot.

Mr B is a truck driver and has been for most of his working life.  Once again I think this is a profession where people assume you don’t need to use your brain.  Again this is not true.  There are so many rules and regulations now that govern driving heavy vehicles and as Mr B carries dangerous goods he has that as an added responsibility.  He has worked in management over the years but prefers the freedom of being on the road.  What most people wouldn’t know is that he has an I.Q that puts him in the top 2% of Australia.

Mr B drives a truck but that doesn't mean he's a dummy!
Mr B drives a truck but that doesn’t mean he’s a dummy!

So the point to my story?  Don’t judge someone by their job choice.  People work in all sorts of different jobs for a variety of different reasons.  For us, the part time hours I normally work mean than I am around more often to look after our kids.  It would make it very difficult to work full time when Mr B is away driving all the time, so this works for us.

All jobs have their challenges and it just so happens that some jobs have less challenges than others.

Love Me


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