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Why I Moved the Ironing Board Upstairs!

I have a small confession to make – I’m an ‘ironer’.  My Mum was an ‘ironer’ and I’ve no doubt that her mother was too.  I’ve tried to kick the habit several times, but I always seem to end up in a job where I’m required to wear a uniform that has to be ironed.  Plus neatly ironed clothes just look better on and make you look more well-groomed.

Inevitably, my ironing basket is always overflowing and the ironing board lives permanently in the dining room or lounge room, which are not huge rooms. Along with the clothes basket and the ironing rack.  And this is what I hate. It makes every space look so cluttered and untidy.  If I have it in the lounge room you can’t get in the front door.  If it’s in the dining room it has to get moved at meal times.  And don’t even get me started on the panic stations that happen if I know I am having visitors.

I hate the cluttered look ironing in the dining room creates.
I hate the cluttered look ironing in the dining room creates.

So today I made a decision.  The ironing board is moving upstairs – and into our bedroom.  What? No not the bedroom I hear you say.  The bedroom is for sleeping and you know, romance and stuff.  And yes I know all that but seriously the room is massive – it’s the size of a posh motel room, with a similar sized en suite and it has this funny angular corner in it that is going to be just perfect to set my board up in.  I’m doubtful if Mr M will even notice and if he does it won’t bother him in the slightest! Other pro’s of this daring move are:-

*  The corner has a power point – tick no. 1

*  A window that I can look out of whilst I iron – tick no. 2

*  I can close my bedroom door if the kids have friends over and no one will ever know the ironing is there – tick no. 3

*  I will never have to yell at the kids again to come downstairs and get their clothes.  They can just emerge from their rooms and walk across the landing – tick no. 4

I will let you know in a couple of weeks time how this is working out for me!


Love Me


3 thoughts on “Why I Moved the Ironing Board Upstairs!”

  1. Great idea. I’m an ironer too and always seem to be dodging the ironing board as I have it set up in the coolest place in the house atm. Right in the walkway between front and back of the living area.


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