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Welcome 2015

Welcome 2015! I can’t believe you are here already.  I’m not sure I was ready for your arrival, but now that you are here I guess I will just have to make the most of your 365 day stay. I would like to put you on notice right now that you need to be nice to me this year. 2015 is the year I will celebrate being on this earth for 50 years!  So, no nasty surprises please!


Write yourself the best story you can in 2015.
Write yourself the best story you can in 2015. {IMAGE CREDIT}


As 2015 is going to be such a huge year for me I thought I had better make some sensible New Years Resolutions – so here goes!

1. REGAIN MY FITNESS  – Yes over the last few years I have been very naughty and let my fitness slip. As I m not getting any younger (there’s that 50 thing again) I know that this is really important and that the longer I leave it the harder it is going to get.  So armed with my new fitness app on my phone I am going to start…..tomorrow.

I need to get my fitness back.
I need to get my fitness back. {IMAGE CREDIT}

2. BE MORE PATIENT – I need to do this with Miss M and Master M.  They are awesome kids, modern teenagers through and through but really they don’t give us an ounce of trouble.  They both get great grades at school, they have part time jobs and we always get loads of compliments about how well mannered and confident they are.  But I sometimes think that I expect to much of them when it comes to helping around the house and being responsible for their own messes.  I need to remember they are 15 and 14 – not yet young adults, but not little kids either, and treat them accordingly.

3. MANAGE OUR FINANCES – By Australian standards we are comfortably off.  We own a couple of houses, have a new car and can usually afford to go away a couple of times a year but there is never any money to spare, should an emergency arise, so this is going to be the year I get tough with my spending.  We have everything in our house that we need so I am really going to assess whether something is a need or a want before I go ahead and spend any money. Today’s purchase of curtain rods was a definite need.  I have had curtains in the cupboard for 2 years waiting to be hung in the kids rooms so now they are finally up!

I am going to do a better job at managing our finances.
I am going to do a better job at managing our finances. {IMAGE CREDIT}


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